ƹƵ, Wells College Strengthen Transfer Pathways in Biology, Business & Psychology

Wells College will offer three new transfer opportunities with ƹƵ for eligible students studying psychology, business, and biology.

Under each articulation agreement, students from ƹƵ who complete the courses within their program with at least a 2.5 GPA will be guaranteed admission to Wells for a bachelor’s degree as juniors.

ƹƵ students who graduate with a minimum GPA of 3.0 will receive a merit-based scholarship of at least $16,000 for each year of attendance at Wells College. ƹƵ Presidential Scholars, or students with at least a 3.5, will be eligible for the President’s Award at Wells. Merit-based scholarships will be combined with other need-based financial aid based on each student’s eligibility.

“In my own career, I’ve always viewed synergies and cooperative opportunities as being much more important and meaningful than competing against others for resources. The more that we collaborate and cooperate with one another, the better we are at serving the people who are most important, and that is our students,” said Wells College President Jonathan Gibralter. “So there is great pride in knowing that ƹƵ and Wells College are the educational institutions in ƹƵ County. But all of these transfer and articulation agreements don’t happen at our level — they happen at the level of the faculty who work together diligently to try to create seamless pathways, so that students can see their way to completing a degree at a very prestigious college like ƹƵ, and then be able to see a path to Wells.”

“These agreements create an incredible opportunity for current and future ƹƵ students in some of our most rigorous degree programs and concentrations. Eligible ƹƵ students can now pursue their next academic challenge at Wells College, an excellent institution renowned for its exceptional faculty and commitment to student success,” said Brian Durant, President of ƹƵ. “I appreciate Dr. Gibralter and everyone at Wells College whose belief in our students helped create these opportunities for students to continue their journey in higher education.”

President Gibralter and President Durant signed the agreements at a formal event Monday morning at ƹƵ. Other administrators and faculty members from both institutions also attended to sign, including: Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs Susan Henking; ƹƵ Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Ron Cantor; Associate Professor of Business and Department Chair for Business and Data Analytics Gehan Dhameeth; Director of the Sullivan Center for Business and Entrepreneurship Kevin Miles; ƹƵ Division Chair for the School of Business and the School of Social Sciences and Education Eric Zizza; Professor of Chemistry and Biological and Chemical Sciences Department Chair Chris Bailey; ƹƵ Division Chair for the School of STEM Jennifer Nichols; and Professor and Department Chair of Psychology Deborah Gagnon.

Wells and ƹƵ currently have a cross-registration program in place. Full-time Wells students with a GPA of at least 2.0 after completing their first semester can register for courses offered by CCC that do not duplicate a Wells course and are acceptable for transfer to Wells.