Scholarship NameRecipient Selected By
Alexander, David F. Memorial ScholarshipEnglish Faculty
Bartolotta, Antonino & Matteo Scholarships of MeritAdmissions
Bentley, James A. & Katie S. Memorial ScholarshipAdmissions
Callahan, Patricia M. forms_scholarshipsEarly Childhood Faculty and/or Liberal Arts Faculty
ƹƵ Bank Employee Memorial ScholarshipCollege Scholarship Committee
ƹƵ Presidential ScholarshipsAdmissions
DePasquale, Selio & Kathryn Science ScholarshipScience Faculty
Eisner, John H. and Sydell Memorial ScholarshipScience and Math Faculty
Fama, Claire E. & Frank A. Sophomore ScholarshipsScience/Math/Technology Faculty
Fleszar, Joseph S. Memorial ScholarshipScience Faculty
Fred L. Emerson Foundation Academic ScholarshipsAdmissions
Freshman forms_scholarships of MeritAdmissions
Fulton Savings Bank High SchoolEligible High Schools
Harrington Business ScholarshipBusiness Faculty
Honors forms_scholarships - SophomoreHonors Option Committee
Humes, William J. Jr. Memorial forms_scholarshipsBusiness Faculty
McQueeney, Elizabeth Payne Memorial forms_scholarshipsNursing Faculty
Norris, William & Esther forms_scholarshipsAdmissions
Rizzo, Patricia K. Memorial ScholarshipPatricia K. Rizzo Scholarship Committee
Scholarship Incentive AwardsFinancial Aid
Seymour, James Sayre Memorial ScholarshipScience and/or GIS Faculty
Sophomore forms_scholarshipsFinancial Aid
Thomas, Preston H. Memorial ScholarshipMechanical Technology Faculty
Trustee forms_scholarshipsEligible High Schools
Ward Family ScholarshipCollege Scholarship Committee