The Distinguished Service Award was established in 2008 by the Alumni Association Board of Directors to recognize exceptional contributions to our College by individuals who believe that higher education is essential to the enrichment of culture.

The award is not bestowed on a regular basis, but only when an individual’s “good works” are deemed extraordinary by a committee of College personnel that may include teaching staff, administrators and alumni. Criteria my include but are not limited to

  • Significant educational contributions that enhance the quality of teaching and learning in our College community
  • Exceptional leadership that supports the intellectual growth, health and vitality of our College, community and society in general
  • Compassionate concern for past and present ACC/CCC students through assistance with employment opportunities, networking and vocational counseling
  • Substantial and continuing financial support

2018 Recipient

  • Rebecca Reese ’06

2010 Recipient

  • Daniel C. Labeille

2008 Recipients

The distinguished service rendered to the College by award recipients Michael Hollingworth and Shona Falconer of Great Britain has been instrumental in the success and continuation of the College’s London Travel-Study Program.

  • Shona Falconer
  • Michael Hollingworth