Students who have not fulfilled the chart requirements listed above in a term when they received a state grant or scholarship are not eligible for an award for the next semester. At the end of each semester the Financial Services Office will notify students who have been determined to be ineligible for state financial aid.

The satisfactory academic progress requirements for state aid may be waived for undue hardship based on:

  • the death of an immediate family member
  • the personal injury or illness of the student
  • other extenuating circumstances

The waiver is intended only to accommodate extraordinary or unusual cases directly related to academic performance and the student’s failure to achieve the requirements. Submission of a completed Loss Eligibility and Waiver request form does not guarantee that the request will be approved. Students must complete the Loss Eligibility and Waiver Request Form located online or in the Financial Services Office. Students will be asked in their waiver to

  • explain the reasons the student failed to meet satisfactory academic progress
  • describe what actions the student plans on taking to ensure their academic success in the next semester

A waiver will be granted only when there is reasonable expectation that the student will meet future satisfactory academic progress requirements. According to New York State Law, a student can receive only one waiver for failure to achieve program pursuit.

Students who have lost their state financial aid and have not been granted a waiver can restore their aid eligibility in one of the following ways:

  1. Attend ƹƵ without financial aid. The Financial Services Office will review academic progress every semester. When past academic deficiencies have been addressed, aid can be reinstated. Financial aid cannot be retroactively reinstated for semesters the student was not achieving satisfactory academic progress.
  2. If satisfactory academic progress based on earning the required number of credits has not been achieved, a student could attend another institution and earn credits that could be transferred back to ƹƵ.
  3. Students who leave the College for two full semesters can reapply for a waiver. Students who received TAP funds while not in attendance at ƹƵ will be required to submit an official transcript from their prior college.